Artisanal Baking Class



“To ensure freshness and distinct taste, we incorporate the dough recipe from Chef Nogami, teach techniques to Filipino bakers, allow customers to share in our baking experience with our frozen dough and par-baked bread. These are the combinations that put the soul into our food,” 

“I carefully observe their hands and feel, toss their dough to tell if it was properly knead and rolled. One can also tell if the dough is ready for baking by simply feeling the temperature of the dough. After the basics, I prepare a development plan to gauge and upgrade their skills,”

-Chef Nogami with the help of an interpreter.

-Nelson Ong


Batch 1 Master Baking Class by Tomohiro Nogami

Leogano Soft Launching

featuring Master Baker Nogami's Artisanal Baking Class

Photos of Baking Class
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