Our Baked Products

Whole Wheat Loaf 

Backed up with a history of whole-grain consumption for at least ten thousand years ago, this delightfully nutty, moist, and faintly sweet loaf is made from the flour of entirely milled whole grain and is packed with high protein.

Multigrain Loaf

With full of flavor, fluffy texture, and topped with some whole grain goodness, the multigrain loaf has been named "Best of both worlds" bread. It is often considered in making sandwiches, especially with sliced roast beef or chicken, and best paired with a wonderful combination of melted and gooey cheese.

Milky White Loaf

This square-shaped slices comes with a delicious taste and fluffy texture that brings goodness of a bread. It is one of the timeless favorites and can also be a comfort food that cheers you up when serve.

Dinner Rolls

Often baked in a round shape and served as meal accompaniment, these warm breads are made to perfection with its sweet aroma and buttery taste. Soft and fluffy dinner rolls with a golden crisp crust will surely excite our taste buds.



We are business acumen.

We infuse the best ingredients with great taste at competitive price.

We build a strong and good reputation by offering an exceptional service.

We give alternative solution to consumers by offering fresh, high-quality frozen and baked products.


"Best, Ingredients, Best Tools and Best Skills"

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